As Oasen has implemented a booking system, the procedure at the site has changed:


If you have booked a spot upon arrival

Upon arrival, please drive to your designated spot and park your car. Then proceed to the machine/check-in and register your arrival.

Bring your credit card, Booking number, and Customer number, which are stated at the top of the booking confirmation.

You will receive 2 receipts from the machine. One receipt contains the Wi-Fi password and a personal "PIN code," which you will need for showers, purchasing electricity, water, etc.


If you have NOT booked a spot

If you have not booked a spot online, you must not enter the premises and park your car BEFORE booking a spot at the machine. First, book a spot - and then proceed to your designated spot. This is important as all spots may be booked by others.


Regarding the consumption of electricity, water, etc

Regarding the consumption of electricity, water, etc.: When you check-in at the machine, 100 DKK per day is "reserved" on your credit card for the consumption of electricity, water, etc. The money is not withdrawn from your account, but only reserved.

When you check out upon departure (bring Booking number, Customer number, and credit card), you will receive an invoice detailing the consumption of electricity and water, etc. - and of course, you only pay for your actual consumption.


If you have any questions, you can reach us at tel. +45 2031 8802 ????