Arrival from
12:00 PM

Departure no later than 12:00 PM

Welcome to
the Motorhome Oasis, Rømø
– exclusively for motorhomes!

The Oasis on Rømø is a privately owned "Stellplatz" located in the southern part of Rømø. The Oasis currently has 218 spaces, all with electrical connections. There are fine lounges, washing facilities, a sauna, showers, waste disposal facilities, and dogs can be brought along free of charge.


The site is conveniently located just a few hundred meters from a grocery store and the Rømø bakery. Havneby is only about 1.5 km away, with plenty of shops, grocery stores, as well as several good restaurants, a fish market, and Havneby Kro, which is always worth a visit. Bicycles can also be rented in Havneby. The Rømø-Sylt ferry operates daily, and the schedule is available at the Oasis, of course.


We prioritize proper, clean, and good conditions for our guests. Therefore, we continually invest in improvements on the site; for example, we are expanding the number of bathrooms/toilets on the main square in 2024, and a new booking system has just been implemented.


Our spaces range from 5.5 m to 13 m - all with sufficiently large lawns to stay on. Therefore, please choose a space that suits the length of your camper. Many of the spaces have a lovely view of the lake with a fountain.


The beach at Sønderstrand is only about 2.5 km away, and the most popular beach, Lakolk Strand, is about 6 km away. Enjoy the day at the beach with your camper or visit the many attractions on the island - and enjoy the evening at the Oasis in peaceful and quiet surroundings.


Stays with caravans, tents, or awnings are not allowed! If you have NOT booked online before arriving at the Oasis, you MUST NOT drive onto the site and park your car as the space may be booked by another guest. You must park and go to the payment machine to book a space. Only then can you drive onto your space. Please respect this, thank you :-)