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Sights & attractions


In addition to the beaches and the Wadden Sea, there are many other attractions on Rømø that deserve to be explored. We are happy to recommend, for example:

Rømø Church

is a beautiful medieval church. It has a distinctive black facade and is known for its unique architecture and historical significance. The church is an impressive sight and worth a visit for those interested in culture and history.

Rømø Play and Labyrinth Park

Is a popular attraction for families with children. The park offers a variety of activities, including a large labyrinth, bouncy castles, trampolines, and carousels. It's a fun and entertaining place for both children and adults.

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Rømø Harbour

Rømø Harbor is known for its charming atmosphere. The harbor has a long tradition as a fishing port and is now a popular area with restaurants, shops, and a marina. Here, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the quay and admire the many boats and maritime activities.

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Rømø Minigolf

Take your family to Rømø Miniature Golf and experience fun and competition on the well-maintained miniature golf courses. It's a fantastic activity for both children and adults, and the courses are surrounded by beautiful nature and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Naturcenter Tønnisgård

Tønnisgård on Rømø is an old captain's farm from Rømø's heyday, including whaling. The farm showcases the history and culture of the area and is filled with old buildings, tools, and other artifacts that provide insight into Rømø's past and nature. It is an interesting and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

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Lakolk Beach

It is the largest beach on Rømø and stretches over 12 kilometers. It is known for its fine sand, clear water, and wide open spaces. It is an ideal place for taking a walk, building sandcastles, or simply enjoying the sunset over the Wadden Sea.


is a small island in the Wadden Sea, located off the coast of Rømø. The island can only be accessed during low tide when the causeways open. Take a trip to Mandø and experience its unique nature and peaceful atmosphere. Take a walk along the mudflats, spot the birdlife, or enjoy a picnic in the beautiful landscape.

Rømø dune plantation

Is a vast natural area encompassing sand dunes, forests, and lakes. It is an ideal place for hiking or cycling, allowing you to explore the diverse landscape and enjoy the fresh air. There are also marked trails and viewpoints that offer fantastic panoramic views.

The Wadden Sea National Park

Is a protected area that stretches from Varde and Oksbøl up to the border with Germany. It features Europe's largest tidal flats, where wild animals and birds thrive in the biodiversity of nature. The area serves as a significant stopover for many migratory birds as they travel south during the winter. Visitors to the region may be fortunate enough to witness the phenomenon known as "Sort sol" (Black Sun), which occurs when enormous flocks of migratory birds create mesmerizing aerial patterns. The Wadden Sea at Rømø is, therefore, an exceptional destination for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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We wish you and your family a good trip!