Oasen - 1

Motorhome Park Oasen Rømø - 1 was inaugurated in December 2014 and offers 28 spacious pitches. The park is located directly adjacent to Oasen Rømø. The area is surrounded by trees, and on one side, you have curious horses as neighbors. The pitches are arranged in a row around a small lake and measure 10 x 6 meters, with a grass strip between the pitches. The park is illuminated, and electricity is available at all pitches. Facilities include waste water disposal and cassette toilet disposal, fresh water supply, showers, and toilets for ladies and gentlemen. There is also a washing machine and a dryer available. Dogs are allowed on a leash. The park is open year-round, and no reservations or tourist taxes are required. A pavilion with a common area is available, accommodating 18 people with tables and chairs. Free TV usage is provided, and the pavilion can be used for activities such as communal barbecues, meetings, and more. The park is a member of the German Top Platz network. Free WiFi is available. Departure from the park should be no later than 12:00 PM on the departure day.

Advance reservations are not possible, and staying in caravans, tents, and using awnings on motorhomes is not allowed.

Our location

Autocamperplads Oasen Rømø is located just three kilometers north of the German island of Sylt, making Rømø the southernmost North Sea island of Denmark. A nearly ten-kilometer-long causeway connects the mainland with Rømø. The island is home to just under 600 people and is nearly 18 kilometers long and almost 6 kilometers wide. Oasen Rømø is situated amidst nature, with easy access to beach sports and bathing beaches. Autocamperplads Oasen Rømø is divided into three areas, with a total of 28, 96, and 94 pitches, featuring very spacious parcels measuring 10 to 12 meters in depth and 5 to 6 meters in width, with wide grass strips in between.

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Equipment and Facilities

Sanitary and Comfort Rooms

In the sanitary and comfort rooms, you will find spacious and modern toilet and separate shower facilities, as well as a washing machine and dryer. Payment for showers can be made in both DKK (Danish Krone) and Euro currencies.

Supply and Disposal

Water supply is available on the wall near the building with toilets and showers. Disposal of wastewater is done through the grate located on the concrete floor, and emptying of the toilet cassette can be done in the sink on the wall, which is equipped with a flushing hose for the cassette. Payment for water is based on a 100 liters/10 liters measurement and can be made in either DKK or Euro currencies.

Power supply and services

Power supply is provided through CEE plugs in power stands with 16 A for each pitch. Payment for electricity can be made in Dkk or Euro. Free Wi-Fi/WLAN is available on the site. Grocery shopping and a bakery are only 500 meters away, making it convenient for your daily needs.


Upon arrival at the Motorhome Site Oasen Rømø, first select a spot that has a GREEN sign. The sign is located at the end of the parking area. Take note of the spot number. Payment is made at the payment machine, where service cards for water and electricity can also be obtained. Place the receipt visibly in the front or side window.

Stay and Leaving the Site

During your stay, once payment has been made, you can flip the GREEN sign to RED. This indicates that you have exclusive use of the spot and can leave and return to the same spot. Many campers leave the site during the daytime to park on the beach or explore the island. When you wish to leave the site, please do so before 12:00 PM (noon). Before leaving, remember to flip the RED sign back to GREEN, indicating that the spot is available for others. If you wish to extend your stay, please arrange for this before 12:00 PM (noon).