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12:00 PM

Departure no later than 12:00 PM

Take a walk on the beach

Take a walk on the beach

The beach on Rømø is a MUST - a true oasis filled with experiences and activities for people of all ages. In addition to Rømø's renowned nature and peaceful atmosphere, the beach is also famous for a unique opportunity. You can actually drive on the beach with a car or motorcycle.

Driving on the beach is an exciting and popular activity that attracts many visitors to Rømø. Rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle or perhaps a motorcycle and experience the freedom. Feel the soft sand beneath you. Enjoy the sense of adventure while soaking in the fresh sea breeze and the stunning view of the Wadden Sea.

If you're looking for more thrills, try sandboarding or fly a kite on the beach. Sandboarding allows you to slide down the sand dunes and experience an adrenaline rush. You can also bring your kite and let it soar in the open area, dancing with the wind.

The beach on Rømø is also an ideal spot for relaxation and sunbathing. Take a walk along the shoreline, let the children build sandcastles, or simply enjoy the sound of the waves. Take a refreshing swim in the clear water or unwind with a good book and a picnic on the beach.

Whether you're into action-packed driving, sand adventures, or a tranquil day with sun and ocean views, the beach on Rømø will surely fulfill all your desires and provide you with unforgettable moments along the Wadden Sea coast.