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12:00 PM

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Rømø is a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts, and golf enthusiasts, in particular, will certainly find joy in the opportunities the island has to offer. With its scenic location and well-maintained golf courses, Rømø can cater to the needs of both beginners and experienced golfers.

The most renowned golf course on Rømø is Rømø Golf Links, situated in beautiful surroundings with views of the Wadden Sea. The course is known for its challenging and unique character, where wind and weather play a central role. This 18-hole course, designed by the famous golf architect Michael Dasher, offers an exciting and varied experience for golfers of all levels.

In addition to Rømø Golf Links, there are also other golf options in the area. Nearby golf clubs such as Tønder Golfklub and Ribe Golfklub also offer challenging courses and beautiful surroundings.

On Rømø, the golf experience is not limited to just the game itself. The island also offers facilities such as driving ranges and putting greens, where you can refine your skills and practice various aspects of your game.

Furthermore, Rømø also hosts various golf tournaments and events throughout the year, creating an exciting atmosphere and providing an opportunity to meet other golf enthusiasts.

Whether you are a passionate golfer or simply want to try your hand at the sport, Rømø will provide you with a unique golf experience. The beautiful surroundings, challenging courses, and golf club facilities make Rømø the perfect place to indulge in golf and enjoy the sport in a relaxing and scenic atmosphere.